Rich and Cheryl Mackey

Co-founders of Arrow Outreach, Rich and Cheryl Mackey continue to play a significant role in the leadership of the organization. By 1992, Rich had become heavily involved in developing a ministry for 10- to 12- year-old boys in Ensenada, Mexico. This ministry moved to Juarez the following year and grew to encompass outreach to youth, families, and communities. Stateside churches began to work with the Mackeys to build community centers, homes, and school buildings in Juarez. Under Rich’s leadership, these ministry activities expanded and evolved to become the Arrow Outreach of today. Rich now serves as Director. Cheryl works as a professional counselor and provides administrative support for the organization.

Board of Directors

Rich Mackey, President

Mark Mitchell, Vice President

Felipe Barandiaran

Bernd Braun

Eunice Fernandez

Cheryl Mackey

Jim Saunders

Leslynn Shawn

Richard Ulrich

Wayne Wheeler

Steve Williams

Liz Zsohar


Rotating Pastoral Members

Todd Bruning - Rejoice Lutheran Church

Laura Barnes - First Presbyterian Church of Dallas

Ernie Hinojosa - Rejoice Lutheran Church

Susan Sytsma-Bratt - Northridge Presbyterian Church